Robert Diab

Robert Diab

I'm a professor of law at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia.

I write about constitutional and human rights, and topics in law and technology. This includes work on privacy, encryption, and AI, and on powers of detention, search, and public order policing.

In 2014, I co-founded the Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law and co-edited eight volumes of the journal on such topics as digital privacy, international law, and democratic decay.

email: rdiab at

Recent Writing

  • “The Case for Mandating Finer-Grained Control Over Social Media Algorithms”
    Tech Policy Press (12 July 2024)
  • “The Online Harms Act Should Target Social Media’s Greatest Harm”
    Policy Options (30 May 2024)
  • “Is AI About To Replace All Human Writing? Not So Fast”
    Newsweek (25 April 2024)
  • “Why Ontario School Boards Are Suing Social Media Platforms for Causing an Attention Crisis”
    The Conversation (29 March 2024)
  • “Does TikTok Pose a Security Threat to Canadians?”
    The Conversation (15 March 2024)

Selected Research

  • “Too Dangerous to Deploy? The Challenge Language Models Pose to Regulating AI in Canada and the EU” (2024) UBC Law Review PDF
  • “Search Engines and Global Takedown Orders: Google v Equustek and the Future of Free Speech Online” (2020) 56:2 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 231 PDF
  • “The Road Not Taken: Missing Powers to Compel Decryption in Bill C-59, Ticking-Bombs, and the Future of the Encryption Debate” (2019) 57:1 Alberta Law Review 267 PDF